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We hope to see you at the 2021 Workshop of the International Society for History and Theory of Intellectual Property.

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12th ISHTIP Annual Workshop

  • Merima BruncevicVicky BreemenChijioke Ifeoma OkorieMathilde PavisMartin FredrikssonPeter JasziAndrea Wallace
    from 1626087600000 - 1626094800000 (your local time)

    Owning the landmarks: cultural heritage, preservation and restitution

    Chair: Merima Bruncevic

    Vicky Breemen, Landmarks of copyright law and libraries: a relationship set in stone?

    Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie, Back to efforts at digitization and repatriation of African cultural heritage

    Mathilde Pavis and Andrea Wallace, Decolonisation and Restitution: A Digital and Legal Perspective

    Discussants: Peter Jaszi and Martin Fredriksson

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  • Fiona MacMillanGéraldine BlancheIsabella AlexanderAnjali VatsJose BellidoToni Lester
    from 1626174000000 - 1626181200000 (your local time)

    Exploring the borders of the IP land

    Chair: Fiona MacMillan

    Géraldine Blanche, The Tailoring pioneers of IP: Haute Couture as an intellectual property landmark

    Isabella Alexander, ‘They don’t love you like I love you’: A history of copyright and cartography

    Anjali Vats, “Who the Fuck Can Make Up That Shit?” Prince, Conjectural Celebrity, and the Production Anti-Racist Right of Publicity Norms

    Discussants: Toni Lester and Jose Bellido

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  • Kara SwansonSoumyajit BasuBrad ShermanMatthew DavidStina Teilmann-Lock
    from 1626260400000 - 1626267600000 (your local time)

    Landmarks of invention

    Chair: Kara Swanson

    Soumyajit Basu, Breeding Machines: Capturing the Genius of Luther Burbank and the US Plant Patent Act of 1930

    Matthew David, Landmarks in the Air: Regulating the Vacuum

    Discussants: Brad Sherman and Stina Teilmann-Lock

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  • Eva Hemmungs-WirténJingwen GuoKara SwansonSara BannermanSimon SternZvi Rosen
    from 1626267600000 - 1626274800000 (your local time)

    The institutional dimension of IP landmarks

    Chair: Eva Hemmungs-Wirtén

    Zvi S. Rosen, Examining Copyright

    Kara Swanson, Reading the Patent Office Building as a Landmark of Invention

    Jingwen Guo, The Birth of China’s First Copyright Law in 1910: A Curious but Shilly-shallied Attempt

    Discussants: Sara Bannerman and Simon Stern

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  • Jessica SilbeyKathy BowreyMarta Cernadas LázareMarta IljadicaRobin WrightGiovanni Maria Riccio
    from 1626346800000 - 1626354000000 (your local time)

    Landmark IP values

    Chair: Kathy Bowrey

    Jessica Silbey, Against Progress: IP and Fundamental Values in the Internet Age

    Robin Wright, Theft or dialogue? Where is the line between idea and expression in musical creativity?

    Marta Cernadas Lázare, 1927: The Year of the Fanciful Thinking in Trade Mark Law

    Discussants: Marta Iljadica and Giovanni Maria Riccio

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  • Maurizio BorghiCatherine PocockGraham DutfieldUma SuthersanenCristina S. MartinezMartha WoodmanseeWill  Slauter
    from 1626354000000 - 1626361200000 (your local time)

    (Re)discovering copyright landmarks: Panel in honour of Martha Woodmansee

    Chair: Maurizio Borghi

    Catherine Pocock, Frances Burney: A case study of the female publishing experience in eighteenth century England

    Graham Dutfield and Uma Suthersanen, A fair and true Account of the Views of certain well-respected Authors on Publishing, Pyracy and Propertie in the Eighteenth Century: Pope v Curll (1741) revisited

    Cristina S. Martinez, Jane Hogarth’s Imprint on Copyright Law, A Landmark

    Discussants: Will Slauter and Martha Woodmansee

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    from 1626433200000 - 1626440400000 (your local time)

    ISHTIP Board Meeting

    Attendance restricted to members of the ISHTIP Governing Board

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